Hurricane Season 2019

Battery Bill's wants to help you keep your Family Safe.

Emergency Battery Checklist. 

Battery Operated TV or Radio- Most Likely AA, AAA Batteries. 

Note* Tune in to NOAA weather radio for constant updates on the storm and water conditions.

Flashlight - Most use the common are D or C sized Battery. Battery Bill's stocks a wide variety of practical Flashlights.

Battery Operated Clock, or wind-up clock 

Extra batteries -AA , AAA , D or C sized Batteries.

Jump Starter- We carry NOCO and RAV Power light weight Lithium car battery jump starters.

Solar Power: Battery Bill’s stocks a variety of Goal Zero Portable Yeti Generators.  If the power goes out, you can easily run a solar generator in your home without worrying about propane, gasoline, or other flammable chemicals. Even having a small solar panel like a Nomad 7 to charge your cell phone or small electronics can go a long way in a power outage.  

Fact: During Hurricane Sandy, several residents discovered their solar panels didn’t restore their power. In fact, many residential panels are connected to the power grid; if the grid goes down, so do your panels. However, using Portable Solar Panels can help you have a reliable source of electricity, when the power goes out. Check out Goal Zero’s portable and durable solar panels to help you weather a storm. Find the right Portable power to fit your needs here

Emergency supply Checklist

Below is a link to a more complete Checklist of suggested supplies that might help increase your chances of survival during an emergency.