Batteries and services

We have what you need


Battery Bill's has the most complete inventory of batteries in Hawaii. From large industrial to the tiniest watch battery and everything in between. We provide what you need to power your day.

Installation and Quality Check


Here at Battery Bill's we will check the performance of your battery. Based on our evaluation we will offer a battery solution and even install the new one to your vehicle or device with your permission. 

Battery recycling


Here at Battery Bill's we accept all types of used or dead batteries to be recycled. Depending on the type of chemistry of the battery, there might be a small fee per pound. Call Us for more information about our recycling procedures. 

Custom Battery packs


New and old electronics usually require specific battery packs that may not be readily available. Let Battery Bill's keep your device going by making you a custom battery . VISIT our Mapunapuna, Nimitz or Hilo store for consultation. 

Custom orders


Unlike most retail shops, Battery Bill's has the ability to Custom Order specific Batteries to fit your needs. Let us help power your special projects or keep your cherished devices going longer.